Thursday, December 5, 2013

White Christmas

Tonight was a very special night for the Freeman's.  Jack and Alyssa got dressed up in their new Christmas attire, just purchased at Sears on Saturday, and headed to their school to perform in the school Christmas Concert.  It began with the Kindergarten and Jack and his classmates did a stellar job. First with some instruments similar to the xylophone and then singing a few Christmas tunes, hand movements and all.  After a selection from first, and second it was finally third grade's turn.  We heard some pretty recorders playing and a few more fun festive songs.  Then we heard from 4th grade.  Finally the chorus came out and although I knew about Alyssa performing a solo in White Christmas, I did not know all the details of what transpired during class.  And well, let me just say the tears started rolling.  The video got interrupted, but at least I have the first half to share with you.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Greatest Achievement

What is your greatest achievement? I can honestly say I do not have one. I have three. Three kind, loving, smart, healthy, beautiful children. Each with their own unique traits that define who they are. Some of these are well established while others are still developing.

"Jack Freeman Handsome Boy" is a picky eater who loves to play. Lately he is into Woody, Buzz and the characters from the movie CARS. He enjoys playing swords on the wii, and I can tell you that I've never seen anyone beat him, not even my nephew Colin. He also is very good at legos and loves to create airplanes and towers. Yesterday he made a letter I, it was a spaceship he informed me. He is a sensitive boy who wants to make sure everyone has a car when playing with his matchbox or hotwheel cars, another favorite game.  He will be 4 this February and none of us can believe it.  He enjoys singing and making us laugh with his silly dances or funny faces.  Lately his favorite song is, "jingle bells, jingle smells" then he laughs so hard he can't finish the rest.  Another favorite is from the movie Elf "I'm singing, I'm in a store and I'm SINGING!"  He definitely keeps us all entertained.

Alyssa too is a picky eater, but absolutely loves macaroni and cheese and Brupper (breakfast for supper). Mathematics comes easy for her, especially when it comes to adding up the marbles she has earned. Lately she's enjoyed sending us all on treasure hunts, with clues she leaves around the house. She loves seeing us hunt for the secret treasures she's left around the house. She also loves to play "puppy" and other pretend games with her brother. This game usually involves bringing a "bus load" of toys downstairs, rearranging the furniture and a less then clutter free living room. She has homework almost every night which is usually her word sort for spelling. She spends 10-15 minutes on this and usually without me having to nag her one bit.  It's obvious to us that learning comes easy for her.

Lauren, who is now 20 is a full time student at UMO studying nursing. She has a strenuous schedule with difficult courses and high expectations from her professors. She lives with her fiance in an apartment in Orono. She is successful in all areas of her life, balancing her school life with work and family. We usually see Lauren working at the Texas Roadhouse or on Sunday afternoons at my mothers. On occasion we get a special treat and she pops in for a "free" meal. In her free time, which isn't much for this studious girl, she runs or heads to the gym.

Three. Three wonderful successes. I can't imagine life with out them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack's 3rd birthday involved jumping, running, hopping, zip lining, parachuting (the kind you play with ON THE GROUND) climbing, obstacle coursing, skipping, flying, playing and most importantly SMILING! Penobscot Valley School of Gymnastics is the perfect place to have a party for a 3 year old. My kids left happy and exhausted!

As far as my boy being 3? Well that is just unbelievable to me. These three years have zipped by faster than I wanted them to. But I would not have changed a thing. He is a
B, O, Y for sure. Trains are his thing, especially Thomas, James, Percy, Diesel the whole gang actually. He's recently watched CARS from Pixar so Lightning McQueen has become part of his vocabulary too. He loves to play with any cars, trucks or trains but if they aren't available for entertainment, any old fork, spoon or carrot will do. Just come witness him at dinner time. He provides entertainment for all of us!
Fun on the air track!
Opening presents.

Happy Birthday My Big Boy!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Art work and puzzles

The kids were working on a puzzle this morning. Can you guess how long it was?

Mr. Snowman has "dancing arms" can you tell?
Alyssa brought home some samples of the art work she's been doing at school. My kids art work is one of my favorite things about school. The snowman is getting it's own frame as well as the "abstract" art piece above. Alyssa was unable to tell me what most of it was but can you find the ladder and the rainbow? Her assignment in the abstract art was to make squiggle lines all over the paper with marker and then paint it. I LOVE it! Below is her American quilt. You can't tell by the photo but she cut the ends to make fringe as on a blanket. She is having a lot of fun in school and often reports out exactly what has gone on during the day. She was very animated in telling me all about these art projects.

This next picture I took because it is her very first written piece that I've seen come home from school. She took upon herself to write a note to her friend Hayden. It reads, "Hayden, you did a very good job. Chocolate." So I asked Alyssa why she wrote the note to her friend and she said "well, I'm not done but I wrote it because she did a very good job." "A good job at what?" "Playing with me" she replied matter-of-factly. I was so proud of her on so many levels. First that she would think to praise another child, a peer no less, second to do so by writing a note and third that she attempted to spell this ALL on her OWN! Did I mention that she is in Kindergarten? Yes I am a very proud Mommy!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Fun

Last Saturday Alyssa, Jack and I bundled up, threw the sleds in the car and went to find us a big ol hill in Orrington. We found all kinds of fun on top of King's Mountain. Once we got there all kinds of memories of sledding on that hill came flooding back. Must've been 25 years since I've been on that hill. It was warm enough to sled for hours, we managed a little more than one before we were soaked through. Jack managed the hill really well, although you can see he preferred the "pull me on the sled" method of going up the hill. (notice his hands behind his head) A great day was had by all! Next time Dad will join us!

Friday, December 31, 2010


Christmas 2010 was filled with trains, trains and more trains! We had happy children from piston to footplate! Alyssa was thrilled with her littlest pet shop sets, not one but TWO zhoo zhoo pets and their new home! Santa didn't forget Lauren either with new shoes, AE outfits and lia sophia jewelry. My favorite gift has to be the silver, diamond necklace surrounded by two hearts that was chosen by my oldest but from all the kids. And my second favorite would have to be my new phone! Santa was really sneaky this year but he knows I've been a good girl and definitely deserve a new phone. Thinking about the new year and what resolutions I should make. On the top of the list is to definitely make some more me time. I've spent most of this vacation catching up on some much needed R and R and I realize just how much I am overworked. My mantra for 2011 should be Less is MORE! We've had one of the best vacations this Christmas because Jason had time off with me and we just stayed home. There IS no place like home! Well enough of my rambling. Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Olive Garden Family dinner 2010

Mom and Tina
My handsome husband and me!
The kids with their Great Aunt Judy.
Waiting to be seated!
Colin, Jack, Lauren and Alyssa all ready to dine on some fine spaghetti!
All dressed up for the tree!
I must say it takes a lot of energy to get two kids bathed and dressed up for dinner. Every year around December 21st we all get dressed up and head out to our traditional family dinner. We've gone to places like the Muddy Rudder, Chocolate Grill in Old Town, Seguinos and last year we went to that Greek place in Brewer that I can't quite remember the name of right now. Anyway we always say we are going to celebrate my brother's birthday but I think even if it wasn't his birthday we still would all go.